Entertain Yourself in the Luxury Villas in Bali

Those who come to Bali come mainly for surfing, swimming, and breathing in a lot of fresh air. And luxury villas in Bali cater to their requirements so well that many people love to extend their stays in the place and entertain themselves in myriad ways. For those who seek additional entertainment than surfing, swimming, and shopping, there are Balinese dances and art forms that can provide wholesome entertainment.

Whether they stay in a Bali villa, hotel, or in any other type of accommodation, guidance on traditional entertainment venues will be made available to them by the villa staff or tourist guides. Depending upon the art form that each person may be interested in, there are the Balinese opera, shadow plays, and traditional Balinese masked dances with which tourists can get entertained.

Since all the luxury villas in Bali have the provision for dropping off their guests at different places, the tourists can request in advance to be dropped at the entertainment venue. If the place is too far away and complementary drop off is not possible, the Bali villa, hotel, or wherever the tourist is staying, will make arrangements for a vehicle and driver to be available at any time that the guest requires.

The Balinese opera known as Arja in which women play many lead roles is a very well known art form of Bali. The artists who perform in these need a high level of training and talent because they need to sing, dance, and also manage extempore dialogues in between. Those who are keen on these arts can book a Bali villa, hotel, or any other accommodation during the season when it is performed.

The story is that this type of theater started as a spontaneous reaction to the death of a well-known Balinese king and was first performed at the time of his funeral as a mark of respect. It got modified over the years into a unique art form known as Arja. Other local art forms one can enjoy while staying at any of the luxury villas in Bali are shadow plays, masked dances etc. Arja itself has many variations and besides Arja there are drama forms like Drama Sendratari, which requires elaborate costumes and several characters, and drama gong which are simpler and more satiric.

The Bali Arts Festival, which is a month long fare of various local art forms, is conducted normally from the middle of June to the middle of July. All those who want to enjoy it in full can book their Bali villa, hotel, or beachfront villas in advance. The art festival is not just a festival of dances and mimes but includes handicrafts exhibitions and cultural presentations that are exclusive to the island.

Tourists routinely get to see some dance forms in the vicinities of the luxury villas in Bali or during the tours arranged by them. But the fare that the arts festival offers is a richer one encompassing a wider range of art forms.