Luxury Villas And Spa Retreats In Bali

A vacation is the time to treat yourself to a little luxury and pampering. On the magical Indonesian island of Bali you can indulge in plenty of special treatment by staying in Bali luxury villas and attending a spa retreat during your stay. Bali is becoming known as the spa capital of Asia, with spa retreats popping up in beachside areas, mountainous regions or in locations with idyllic river and stream vistas. Many major hotels and resorts feature spas and the smaller boutique resorts often offer massages, with access to spa retreats of various kinds nearby.

Body massage is part of the culture in Bali and most Balinese men have regular massages. The true Balinese massage, known as kerok, is quite a bruising event and quite unlike the massages experienced in western culture. Spas in Bali now use a modified version of their traditional massage which involves deep and penetrating movements using the heels of the hands, the fingers and elbows. These massages are also offered by Balinese women on beaches all over Bali.

A spa retreat offers a restful environment focusing on more than massage. The specialist treatment offered in some Bali luxury villas is akin to the treatment offered in a dedicated spa retreat. The experience of staying at a luxury villa in Bali is relaxing, peaceful and serene, giving you a chance to unwind from the day to day stresses of life in the western culture.

If your luxury villa doesn’t have a spa retreat on site, they will certainly be able to arrange for you to have a massage in your villa. If you require more spa treatments, they can be easily arranged by your hosts at a nearby retreat.

Spa retreats can rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Some retreats are designed to focus on the needs of women, some are fitness oriented and others offer a wide range of options depending on the need. It’s a great opportunity to energise your body, arouse your senses and calm your mind – just what you need on a holiday before returning to the stressful world of work.

Spending your holiday at Bali luxury villas is another great way to give your body, mind and spirit the break you deserve. The elegant and well appointed surroundings will help you to feel calm and relaxed. You’ll have private chefs and housekeeping staff to meet your needs and your spacious surroundings indoors and out will give you plenty of breathing space when you return from sightseeing trips to places like the Bali Bird Parkor surfing at Brawa Beach.

Choosing the Right Place to Stay in Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful places for your dream holiday. Think about it. You will be spending several days just lounging on soft beach sand, swimming with the fishes in the turquoise-coloured sea, dining on the day’s latest catch and exploring the history and culture of an exotic island in Southeast Asia. There couldn’t be any other way to spend your vacation. Are you convinced yet? If you have decided to fly to Bali, then make sure you already have chosen a place to stay. The beauty of Bali is not a secret to the rest of the world and you will surely be competing with one or two visitors for space if you don’t decide to book a place early. To ensure that you make the right accommodation decision, take a look at the following tips.

1. Decide on your location first.

There are a number of different areas where you can stay in Bali and each of them has its own distinct personality. In Kuta, there are several inexpensive bed-and-breakfast lodges that people on a budget will certainly find comfortable. Move northwards up to Seminyak and you arrive at villa country, where travellers with a penchant for luxury can surely indulge. Ubud, which is the cultural center of Bali, is home to different accommodations that suits any budget.

2. Consider the costs of your accommodations.

The five-star villas that Bali is well-known for are the most expensive choices, but there are also villas that can be rented for lower prices. If you’re not willing to shell out more for posh accommodations but can afford more than economy-class rooms, you can book one of Bali’s hotel rooms. For backpackers, there are several affordable bedrooms, lodges and motels that local businessmen rent out to tourists.

3. Ask for the help of a rental agency.

Because accommodations are always in demand at whatever time of the year in Bali, it has become profitable to help travellers find a place for them to stay. If you are really having a hard time looking for one, you might want to consider the services of a rental agency. The people there will ask you for your preferences and look for accommodations based on what you tell them. They can also contact the owner of the place for you and book reservations. Of course, you will have to pay more for people to do this for you.

4. Do your own research.

Once you have a shortlist of accommodations in Bali, turn on your computer and take a look at what real people are saying about the place. It’s not enough to simply take a look at the place’s website. Find their social media pages on Facebook and Google+ and browse at what people are saying about them. You can also log on to websites like TripAdvisor and VirtualTourist to see whether or not people enjoyed their stay in Bali. Places are rated on a five-star scale, with five being the highest. If your choice has been given a five-star average, then you can breathe easily. Pack your bags. It’s time to go.